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I'm a twenty-something excessive tea-drinker based in Berkshire, England. As the years have gone on, my blog has evolved into a space where I share life lessons, experiences and advice on things like university, career and relationships.. and occasionally share a life update.

There is so much to see and do, you really can’t go wrong. But as we only stayed for two days, we definitely rushed around trying to fit in as much as we possibly could.

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Awkward moments: Dealing with them at work

One way or another, we’ve all experienced an ‘awkward moment’ (or two) in the workplace.…

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Four signs it’s time to break up with your job

Tell me, how many times are you going to let yourself get down about your…

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Top Tips: coping with exam stress

I hate exams just as much as the next person and when I think back…

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My 2020 vision – my plans for the New Year

How is it 2020 already? I can’t believe I’ve been on the planet for almost…

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25 cities for my 25th year

So this year I’m being a bit of a birthday princess.. [when am I not?]…

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