100 reasons I’m happy

July 28, 2017

You’ll notice that I haven’t blogged for a while now and it’s safe to say I’ve had a lot on my plate!
In between ending my 2 year relationship, moving house and the agonising reality that Pretty Little Liars has forever disappeared from my TV screen (trust me guys they are all on par) I’ve had little to no time to really concentrate on my blog.
As a pick me up I decided to leave the pity party behind and focus on what was so great about my life.
So here you are guys – 100 reason why I should be happy in life with the addition of some things I’m thankful for✌🏼

  1. my bed
  2. pot of tea ♥
  3. highlighters
  4. fluffy slippers
  5. despicable me 1/2/3
  6. Harvey Specter
  7. the fact I have my very own Harvey Specter
  8. my minions
  9. my colleague – Rachel Wood is the ultimate human being
  10. my job
  11. Kaz (aka my mother)
  12. Neal Caffrey
  13. blogging
  14. payday
  15. I start my masters degree in less than 2 months
  16. first ever girls trip with my mum and 2 sisters
  17. photography
  18. using my kitchen aid for the first time
  19. Snapchat
  20. reconnecting with old friends
  21. reconnecting with old loves
  22. watching movies
  23. buying new pjs
  24. chocolate cake
  25. dominos pizza
  26. cuddles in bed
  27. my new power shower
  28. receiving cute texts
  29. the fact i’ve actually lost weight
  30. having a multitude of good hair days
  31. new bedding
  32. enjoying my own company
  33. when you catch somebody smiling and smile back
  34. my workout playlist
  35. my pilates classes are amazing
  36. my pilates instructor
  37. hearing great news from friends
  38. social media stalking (i know i’m not the only one)
  39. writing
  40. reliving family videos..
  41. ..and pictures
  42. meeting new people
  43. work bonus
  44. free wifi
  45. completing my daily to-do list
  46. new clothes
  47. i can dance when nobody is watching
  48. also i can sing in the car without any judgement
  49. cooking for family
  50. constantly being back in my hometown on the weekends
  51. dinner parties
  52. the buzz of LDN – reminds me of my internship days
  53. living by myself
  54. and in turn being able to walk around completely starkers
  55. a day closer to fulfilling my dream
  56. long drives
  57. receiving discount codes to my favourite stores
  58. new work prospects
  59. the creation of Old El Paso’s one pan rice dish
  60. grated cheese
  61. the fact i drive and own a car
  62. scented candles
  63. baths
  64. lazy weekends
  65. oversized tees
  66. the amazing new water dispenser i’ve bought for my fridge
  67. dry shampoo
  68. people that know the difference between there/their & they’re
  69. sex
  70. my best friends
  71. Rose wine
  72. bread
  73. super cute instagram feeds
  74. when you find out your fave restaurant delivers
  75. hot baths
  76. to-do lists
  77. matching decor in my flat
  78. train journeys (i need to do this more often)
  79. pasta
  80. being on time
  81. colour coordinated office supplies
  82. nail polish
  83. fresh flowers
  84. a baby’s giggle
  85. double bed to myself
  86. long morning showers
  87. summer sales
  88. the snooze button
  89. my new pair of jeans – they make my bum look good
  90. new underwear
  91. fresh sheets
  92. making it within the 140 word count on twitter
  93. reading & supporting other blogs
  94. down days that make me grateful for the good ones
  95. waking up to the birds chirping
  96. my blog deign and layout
  97. ordering a new pair of glasses
  98. my fake tan routine
  99. sweet dreams
  100. you – my readers ♥

Even on down days it’s great to remember whats good in life. I’d love to know if you agree with my list or have stuff to add..

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