6 promises I’m making to myself in 2018

January 19, 2018

Forgive me as I know this post is a teeny tiny bit late but I’ve had 3 uni deadlines, a promotion at work and a backlog of posts so my excuses check out. This year instead of making the typical ‘new year, new me’ type resolutions, I’ve decided to make promises to myself which I intend to keep.. sort of.. that are more like goal setting.

Basically I’ve tried to put a more positive spin on them to make sure I actually stick to them. So here goes, below are my 6 promises I’m making to myself in 2018:

one // SAVE. SAVE. SAVE. So I’m 24 in a couple of months and am still worlds away from having a substantial savings account total. It’s not for lack of trying though – I’m sure like most people I aim to put away lump sums a month but there’s always a pair of shoes calling my name. I need to be more strict with my money so if you guys have got any ideas then please share!

two // Dedicate more time to my blog. Putting it out there to my total of 1 readers (thanks mom!) but sorry as I’ve been pretty crap the latter half of 2017 with my blog and it was neglected BIG TIME. It got hard to keep on top of everything, from starting my masters degree to changes at work, I just got so burned out so easily. This year will be different though, I vow to up the ante and dedicate at least 2 days a week to my blog & post twice – even if it is only a small piece.

three // DRINK. MORE. WATER – enough said. This one is pretty self-explanatory but I am the worlds worst when it comes to my liquid intake and that’s mostly because I live off tea and assume that it counts. FYI it doesn’t. I don’t usually write New Years resolutions but if I did this one would probably be on the list almost every time as I suck at sticking to it.

four // Travel more. This one kinda speaks for itself and I’m not saying I’m now going to backpack across ASIA to “find myself” but I would like to see more of the UK and Europe. I’m pretty uneducated when it comes to travel destinations as I tend to do more “lay in the sun for 2 weeks straight” holidays than exploratory weekends away.

five // Stop letting my OCD get in the way of exciting opportunities. For those of you who don’t know I’m quite particular when it comes to my life and I don’t embrace change very well. Because of this, I wouldn’t consider myself spontaneous – I love a plan and live for the plan. This year I want to let go of the reigns slightly and stop letting my constant need for perfection get in the way of me doing things.

six // Complete my Masters Degree. This one I only have a certain level of control over and I don’t technically graduate until 2019 but if it’s all the same I’m including it in this years promises. My degree will end in September and the aim is to pass and be a certified MA graduate.

I’d love to know your resolutions or goals for 2018. Lets see if we have similar ones.

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