April 16, 2018

HA! so..

I was a bit of a stroppy wreck last week and soz to anyone who came into contact with me, it wasn’t my fault. UNI got me like, “I wanna die” and I’ve only just recovered from the lack of sleep (thank god for bank holiday).

Also feel like I should apologise at how late this is..

..we can blame UNI again!

April has felt like a long ole’ month – probably due to my stress levels being at 1 million – but the warm weather has helped it along. Here are a few favourites from last month.


It’s mainly focused about the people in my life.

PRCA Networking. This was super cool and was my first one. I got to meet with professionals and peers where I could learn about the PR industry and tips and tricks on what to do next. Not to mention I made a friend and she is super cute!

UNI Friends. Oh have I mentioned deadlines were awful this month? No didn’t think so. In between a 24 hour library session and 3 deadlines within a week, I wouldn’t have been able to stay sane without these guys. So big shout out to those that help me live my best single life (and pimp me out by ruining my tinder account) & to those who sit there and listen to the weirdest shit that comes out my mouth.. “I just clench my butt”…

The Perris Clan. OK so.. I don’t know how these three put up with me bc I’m pretty sure they’re bored of me by now – especially when it comes to my love life. Having said that, they’re always here to support me & give me the best advice possible – well, more often than not its “he’s a tool, stay away”, “you’re better off without him” or my favourite “we should never have introduced you, sorry”. I’m uber thankful I can count on them and can’t thank them enough. Plus they created the most beautiful baby boy and if they aren’t careful I’ll steal him.

May will be just as busy & can’t wait to share it with you guys.. on time lol..


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