when life gives you lemons, drink tequila

September 13, 2016

As you could tell from the title of this post, it’s safe to assume something went wrong.. not only did it go wrong it went terribly wrong. I was due to fly to Croatia last Tuesday, however my mother and I got into a little pickle on our way to the airport [insert crying face here].

It turns out me and travelling haven’t had the best relationship this year, first a cancelled flight in Barcelona, and now this trip. On my way to the airport my tyre shredded.. yes you heard correctly, shredded. We spend an hour on the side of a windy motorway with many truck drivers beeping at us whilst attempting to change a tyre.

Before I start, let me just inform you of a little fact, I don’t do cars nor do I do changing a tyre on the side of a motorway. It got worse before it even started as neither of us could work out why the wheelnut un-doer thingy couldn’t fit the wheelnuts. Turns out they had plastic covers on them.. Wow how stupid did we feel, at least we laugh about it now. Once we had worked this out (with thanks to the Traffic Officer that stopped to help) we then couldn’t get the wheel off the car… and that wasn’t the annoying part.

After standing there for over an hour and missing my flight (by now it was safe to say I was grouchy) and paying £160, the AA man finally turned up to our rescue. We decided to go home and try again the next day, but of course life had another plan..

You guessed it, I missed this second flight as well. To cut a very long story short, £200 later and a 3rd flight booked I finally arrived in Croatia a day later than expected. Luckily my friends and boyfriend were on hand to provide me with dinner and a huge glass of Rosé.

Despite the horrendous start to my autumn break, I had a wonderful time in Croatia. It such a beautiful country, the little side streets, cobbled streets and the broken cracked paint on the houses. After settling in Tom and I took, what felt like never ending, walk to the pebble beach and ate at a little pizzeria round the corner. Later in the evening we met up with our friends and went to a little bar in a side street on the ‘steps’.

The next day we decided to be ‘proper tourists’ and explore the old town. Let me just say, it was too hot to be doing anything but I went along with it. We walked up to the church where you could oversee the town below and neighbouring islands. We then walked back down some back streets which were quite slippery and downhill, not a good mix. Don’t worry, I survived. For the remaining couple of days we relaxed, drank and enjoyed the sun.

I would reccomed Croatia to anyone, it’s beautiful, cheap and has delicious fresh food to dive into. I’m sad to be away from the sun but so happy to be home in the comfort of my own bed!

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