March 1, 2018

So here we are again, another month down in 2018. I’ll be honest guys, January felt like a drag, yet February went in a flash (maybe that’s because it’s my birthday in March and I just wanted it to go faster).
A lot went on, I welcomed the most gorgeous little edition to the men in my life, stayed on top of uni work, watched pretty much the whole of Stranger Things in 2 days and drank copious amounts of tea while kicking-ass in the office.

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I really enjoyed writing my January post but I thought I’d do something a little different this time. Enter a few of my ‘FebFaves’.

Favourite moment #1 // Mid-term results

SO this is only classed as a fave moment for me because I never thought I’d actually get to this point… I PASSED ALL MY ASSIGNMENTS SO FAR! Can I get a whoop whoop? Before starting this Masters, I thought oh yeah aim high, let’s look to get a distinction (only because I got a first at undergrad and wanted to beat myself) but by no means is this an easy task! I’ve come to realise that passing is enough for me.. well for now anyway.

Favourite moment #2 // Spent time with my loves

I’ve been quite the social butterfly this month having spent time meeting my best friend’s new baby, chilling with my course friends, catching up with old friends and hanging out with my 2 little “godsons”.

Favourite moment #3 // Engagement

First things first, thanks so much guys! My engagement on the blog and on insta has been hella crazy (compared to previous months) and I’m super grateful. I’m trying to really hone in on the content I share and hope you guys love it.

Favourite moment #4 // New direction

I’ve decided to take a new direction to my blog and refocus what it is I wanted to write. As much as I love the whole fashion, beauty aspects of blogging I’m just not into it. You’d never catch me standing in the blistering cold to get a good outfit pic. Instead I wanted to focus on what I love and what I feel I’m good at so watch out guys! Some new things coming soon!

What are some of your February favourites?

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