February 8, 2018

OK. Hands up who else felt like January was never-ending?

In honour of it finally being over, I wanted to try something different & create a new series of posts throughout the year. Y’know, review the month type thing. So sit down, put the kettle on and let’s catch up.
It was an extremely uneasy month for me, going from highs to lows then back again. I had 3 university deadlines, got stomach flu, got a promotion and not to mention the long ass wait for my best friend to give birth!!

Because I’ve struggled, I wanted to focus this months reflection on all the things I’m grateful for instead of boring you all with my problems! And trust me – a lot has happened in the past 30 odd days or so! Well here goes… some of the things I’m most grateful for so far in 2018:

one // out with the old, in with the new

There’s something about getting rid of everything negative, reorganising your life and shifting focus to what’s most important. From creating content plans for the blog to revitalising my wardrobe, January has definitely given me the space to get a new fresh feeling about the year ahead.

two // my work wife

I have to give a shout out to this girl because when it comes to my job.. calling January stressful is a total understatement! I’m now in a different team (queue frowny face) but no matter what she’s still there for me and knows how to get me through the week.

three // student finance 

Can I just give a shout out to the friend that keeps on giving… I was paid before Christmas so the month of January definitely took its toll and my bank account took a massive hit. Luckily I now have a bit more of a safety net, thanks to my new role but I definitely need to start planning my finances better.

more things I’m thankful for

food. working in London. friends. holidays. my degree. my ells. chocolate. shopping. new shoes. the return of my granny pants. Wokingham. new make up. laughing at work. Vera Wang perfume. continuous ASOS deliveries. YouTube videos.

What are you guys most thankful for in January?

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