March 29, 2018

Yay!! Here we are again, another monthly round up of my best moments from the month! For once I’ve actually got this written in time & we have my friend Joe to thank for that.

So, what have I been up to?



So I went a bit OTT this year and took a week to celebrate turning 24 (don’t judge)! I spent time with my godsons, uni friends, family and even caught up with my girls I hadn’t seen for months.

As my parents are divorced, I did the standard out for lunch with dad and dinner with mum on my birthday day but throughout the week that followed I celebrated by getting shit-faced and mouthing off to the waitress at Revs because I wasn’t allowed an entire pitcher to myself..

I know, how rude!

I rounded off the celebrations by spending some time with my best childhood friend where we went to dinner @ the Hunstman at Brockenhurst and then family dinner at Coppa Club in Sonning.


This month I became ‘single’..


I know! Don’t even go there BUT after much deliberation I decided to get going with the good ol’ dating app, Tinder.

I’ve come to realise I’m useless and extremely picky… my friend Joe (you know the one who kicked my ass to write this post) and Heather took over for an evening and I have to admit they did a pretty good job.

Since then I’ve been on a handful of ‘connection’ dates. This is a term I first heard when browsing on Daily Mail. I read a little more into it and it’s basically dating a bunch of people until you find that ‘connection’ to want to go on another date with them.

Easy peasy right? Erh I think not!

Dating and relationships nowadays seems like so much agg. I mean, is it too much to ask to just chill out with a guy, stick on a movie and stuff our faces with chocolate?


This month taught me a life lesson I had known for some time – ‘don’t give your time to people that don’t deserve it – it made me realise my worth and not to bring myself down to peoples petty behaviour.
One person in particular let me down and disappointed me but much like a plaster.. you’ve just got to rip it off and cut them out. I couldn’t be more thankful for the friends I’ve got – especially my little Perris clan (yes Joe, this means you too).
But yeah, anyway, thats pretty much the two highlights of my month ft some lowlights.
I’m super excited for April as I have so much going on with 3 uni deadlines, Easter bank holiday and the new mini work project I’ve got going on!

See you in a month guys! 

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