7 Netflix originals you must watch this Easter

March 31, 2017

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TV is just one of those things where you can immerse yourself in your duvet with a warm cup of cha and a packet of choccie digestives and just completely cut off from the world.

What’s not to love about that?

Whether you’re off for the holidays from school/uni or you’ve decided to slump in your favourite pj’s over the bank holiday weekend, I can assure you the following 7 Netflix series are ones to watch out for.

a little side note: I do apologise in advance if, as you’re reading this, you think ‘girl I’ve got this, I feel ya and I’ve crossed off half this list already’.

So without further ado, I introduce the Netflix series I just adore.

1.Designated Survivor

Designated Survivor focuses on the ‘so what happens if everyone from POTUS to congress to anyone with power dies all at the same time’ scenario. Enter Tom Kirkman (Keifer Sutherland). It’s a great series if you like hard hitting series, it tackles current issues and intertwines them with the fantasy of drama.

Recommended for those who like House of Cards or Madame Secretary.


So my sister told me about this series as we were discussing PLL (for those of you who have lives, it stands for Pretty Little Liars). I’ve managed to watch all 7 episodes in one night, sorry not sorry.

It follows a v.small, is-it-even-real American town that is full of secrets, lies and cover ups – especially who killed the much loved all-American ‘jock’. If you don’t watch it for the easy to follow plot then please watch it for Cole Sprouse (you’ll thank me later).

3.Stranger Things

This has been out for a while now and I’m currently awaiting the release of series 2 however if I don’t rave about it I’m probably doing you guys a disservice. It follows the investigation into a young boys disappearance by his group of friends, his family and the police department.

If you like science-fi or mystery/horror then this is probably for you! 


Oh my lord I cannot rave about this enough!! Confession – Marvel isn’t a series on Netflix, you may be aware its a franchise however Netflix have created several originals and you should watch them all.

To name a few, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and now Iron Fist. If you’re a lover of the Avengers or X-men or even the likes of Justice League and Suicide Squad – you should 100% check these out.

5.The Crown

Just because this is number 5 on my list doesn’t mean its not one of my top favourites. Like Riverdale, I kinda almost spent an entire day dedicated to watching the all episodes of the series. It tells the story of Princess Elizabeth’s rise to the throne, along with the hardships that come with being Queen.

If I can’t convince you to watch this maybe the reviews can! Check it out and let me know what you think. P.s it was a Golden Globe winner..

6.Making a Murdered

I first came across the series during my ‘serial killer’ period. Weird I know.  It’s no secret Tom and I have a history of watching documentaries on serial killers and are fascinated by the psychoanalysis behind their behaviour; I’m sure this makes me qualified for the BAU so I’m hoping for a call.

Theres been a lot of hype about this, whether or not it’s a true to life documentary or fabricated to gain views, I like to think people would make their own opinions. It depicts the ‘wrongful’ incarceration of Steven Avery and the consequences that follow his release.

7.Grace and Frankie

This is kind of my little unsung hero – produced by the guy who made friends it follows 2 women in their 70’s who’s partners enter into a gay relationship. It deals with the realities of changing life and the bonds that are made as a consequence. I’ve only started watching it and I’m about 3 episodes in but it has me glued already.

There you have it, my favourite, whats-not-to-love Netflix series to watch this Easter. I’d love to know your thoughts, do you have a Netflix series that didn’t quite make the cut?


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