10 things to do this Easter Bank Holiday on a budget

April 13, 2017

This weekend is a little bit of a lucky escape for me as I stupidly agreed to go walking, more like signed my death sentence, with my other half in the New Forest. 
The weather in the South-Coast is supposedly cloudy with rain on Friday – and for me, this is the silver lining to my god awful week. Luckily it brightens up on Saturday/Sunday but reverts back to clouds on the Monday. For those of you wondering why aren’t I being dragged for a walk over the two sunny days, it’s because we’re visiting my mum and her family for Easter.
Below are 10 things you could do for either the cold or warm weather, enjoy ✌🏼

1. WestEnd tickets for under £20

Sites like Lastminute.com, Ticketmaster and Amazon Tickets have a range of deals for theatre shows which you can see for a budget – I mean come on’ who doesn’t love a cheap trip to LDN?

2. Family & Friends Railcard!

So if you didn’t know, National Rail have launched an Easter Sale on their Friends and Family one year railcard until 24th April.

The discount offers the railcard at £25 (£5 less than the original price) however it can save almost a third off adult fares – perfect if you’re wanting to get away! Simply claim here and use the code EASTER5.

3. Cadburys Easter Egg Hunt

Ok, now you can’t seriously tell me this doesn’t appeal to your inner child? If you do have kids or have young children in the family this is a great cheap and exciting activity over Bank a Holiday weekend.

Most hunts cost between £1-£4 but there may be additional fees so double check before you sign up!

Most of the hunts are running from Good Friday (14th) until Easter Monday (17th) – you can find local hunts in your area by visiting the Cadburys website!

4. Spring Clean

I KNOW. I KNOW. This is probably the last thing you want to do however I couldn’t reccomend it enough.

I’ve recently gone through my wardrobe, man draw and cupboard in the hallway getting rid of sh** I really have no need for.

Anyway, think of it like this, one perk to clearing out your closet is if their in decent condition you could sell them on sites like EBay.

If you sell 10 items at £5 each that’s £50 right there to go out a splurge on more clothes you don’t need..

Think of it like this, ‘they’re going to a better home’..

5. Catch up on TV

As I said above, both Friday and Monday the weather is supposed to be rainy and horrible. The best comfort for me is cuddling on the sofa with my pjs on and watching crappy TV like Keeping up With the Kardashians.

If you’ve got a Netflix or Amazon account there are some great new releases to stick your teeth into, however if you’re tight for cash but still want to watch up to date movies, my go-to is Yify.tv

So stick the kettle on, put your feet up and watch some romcoms whilst stuffing your face with a massive Easter Egg!

6. Sunday Funday in the Yard

If you’re not all for staying in and lazing about – there are some great events in London that you could attend.

Strongroom Bar & Kithen are hosting a Sunday Funday party which features disco music and BBQ provided by Salt & Dry.

Alternatively, search to see if your local pubs are doing anything similar!

7. Pamper. Pamper. Pamper.

Without breaking the bank, swing by your local supermarket and grab some face masks, new nail polish, and all importantly some wine!

Get the girls round and have a night in catching up whilst you share beauty tips. It’s a great and cheap way to spend time with friends and to relax over the bank holiday weekend.

8. Cooking/Baking

It might sound boring but cooking at home is a great back up plan for when the weather is a little bit downcast. Practice your skills by brushing up on recipes you already know or venturing out to the unknown.

Get your family or partner to put his/her best Paul Hollywood hat on and taste test as you go.

9.  Visit Friends

Life can often get in the way of seeing your loved ones who don’t live so close anymore. The Bank Holiday weekend is a great opportunity to organise a fun day out or a small get together that ensures you keep in touch.

10. Head to the Beach

Finally, utilise the sun whilst we have it!! Us brits have a habit of always complaining when we haven’t seen the sun in months.

As the weather gets warmer it’s always nice to get some much needed seaside fun. To find the best beaches visit The Beach Guide

So folks, Kats all my top 10 things to do this Easter holiday. Don’t forget to comment your ideas and suggestions below.

2 responses to “10 things to do this Easter Bank Holiday on a budget”

  1. Ahhh amazing ideas! There are so many of these I would love to do, wishing you a magical Easter! 😀 xx
    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    • Thanks for reading Elizabeth! Totally checked out your site and i love the camera heading you have, it’s so pretty! I hope you have a wonderful Easter too and don’t eat too many eggs.
      Sending a lot of love & happiness

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