Hey lovelies, welcome to Kate’s Korner

Consider Kate your real-life rambler and online sob sister. Re-Kateable takes an uncensored, unapologetic, late twentysomething view of the ups, downs and occasional everyday mishaps of modern life.

Growing up is an ongoing conversation and Re-Katebable takes a deep dive into all the weird and wonderful aspects of it! From love, lust and entertainment (don’t worry no TV show is too trashy) to lifestyle, career and friendships – whether it’s your dream job, buying a home or simply which is the most polite way to tell a co-worker to fuck off.

Wanna know more…? Here are six weird and wonderful facts about the face behind the stories.. 

  • I’m an ex-student with two degrees (swear I’m not showing off) 

  • My body practically lives off tea

  • I spend far too much time browsing home decor websites and Rightmove for homes I cannot afford…

  • I work full time as a PR account manager within the property industry (probably why I do the above)! 

  • On a Friday night you can probably find me watching crime dramas in the hope that if I ever need to hide my boyfriends body I’ll be ace at it!!

  • One of my guilty pleasures is a classic country playlist that I can jam in the car to.. give me Dolly Parton any day of the week!