How to deal with awkward situations in the workplace

One way or another, we’ve all experienced an ‘awkward moment’ (or two) in the workplace. Whether it’s getting a clients name wrong to sending the…


One way or another, we’ve all experienced an ‘awkward moment’ (or two) in the workplace. Whether it’s getting a clients name wrong to sending the right email to the wrong person – we’ve all been there!

No matter how much you love your job, you’re bound to get dragged into work politics. Here are a few sticky situations you might find yourself in and my tips on how to handle them like a pro..

Awks sitch #1 – The wrong name

This is probably the most embarrassing awkward moment you could have.. how can you work with a colleague or client for so long, but suddenly forget what they’re called?! *facepalm*

I once had a client go an entire meeting calling me the wrong name and I didn’t have the heart to tell them. It was the first time I’d met them so I didn’t take it personally. Luckily they took it pretty well.. when they saw an email from me they dropped it into conversation and it’s been a continuous joke ever since!

How to deal with it: Introductions around your office are a cheeky way to refresh the mind. A simple ‘Hi guys, we’re just doing the intros. Would you mind saying a few lines about yourself…’ is a great way to get your colleagues to introduce themselves so you don’t have to.

Awks sitch #2 – An office full of workaholics

This one is slightly ironic for me as I am obsessed with my work! Don’t ask me why but I seem to have developed career FOMO. I’ll be writing a post on this very soon but for now, let’s focus on the awks moment when you pack up to leave, sign off on your emails and get ready to go…

But nobody else is moving! It’s like you can feel the dagger eyes staring at you as you walk out the door.

This is especially tough if you’re just starting out at a new role. The idea of putting in “face time” seems outdated in the age of flexible working. But what if you work in an office that seems to value the time you’re sat at your desk more than your outcomes? 

How to deal with it: My one piece of advice is don’t feel guilty. I always make sure I’ve completed all my actions for the day and if I can’t, I know they’re my priority for the morning.

Awks sitch #3 – I’m not crying.. you are!

We’ve all been there – our emotions get the best of us. But as awkward moments go, this one is up there near the top. Maybe you bombed a pitch, or got some harsh feedback you didn’t see coming, but it happens. We’re all human.

While it’s no big deal if you cry every now and then, if you find yourself crying at work more frequently, you need to ask yourself why. Getting to the root cause of why your emotional will really help control it in the future.

How to deal with it: Most of us get a feeling that they’re about to cry.. as soon that happens make a run for the toilet! Nobody needs to see your breakdown! Pull yourself together quickly by taking a deep breath and throwing some cold water on your face. Then go back out there and show them how badass you can be.

Awks sitch #4 – Your co-worker throws you under the bus

I’m not going to tell you how to live your life but you’re a bit of a d*** if you’re that co-worker! Being blamed for a mistake that wasn’t your fault can leave you frustrated. However, you’ll feel even worse if it’s with an audience. Even the nicest co-workers can play dirty when their back is against the wall, so be prepared for the day it happens — because it will.

How to deal with it: Instead of letting the bus wheels roll over you, put up a fight. Don’t attack your co-worker there and then as this will only make you look bad. Instead, schedule a meeting with your boss so you can explain exactly what happened.

If you find that you’re having too many awkward moments, it’s time to rethink how you behave at work or even your job! However, many of these moments can be styled out if you handle them correctly. Just keep a cool, calm head and I’m sure you’ll be fine!

Have you had any awkward moments at work? Share them with me in the comments..

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