7th May 2018


Let’s all take a moment to quickly admire the fact that this post is on time.. YAY!

May has been a wonderful month for me and I’m starting to feel myself again


I’m not feeling the whole almost half way through the year vibe.. where has 2018 gone!?

That being said.. here are my top 3 favourites!


This month, I was reunited with my party crew and had a blast at the Festival of Light in Bournemouth! I love a good dress up and although I didn’t go all out the UV paint was awesome (thank god for stencils)


This was by far the greatest weekend of 2018 to date. I kicked it off with a Netflix & chill sleepover with a friend of mine – however I was deeply disappointed when we couldn’t watch the new disney movie CoCo – but he bought me pizza and he made me laugh until it hurt.. so I guess all is forgiven.

Then I celebrated my mummas birthday!

Side note: (he will kill me otherwise) massive happy birthday to my mate Joe.. love you and your family more than life itself ❤️

In between lunch, dinner & drinks and the movies on Saturday, shopping wildly on Sunday and lunch and [a lot of] drinks on Monday it’s safe to say she had a great time celebrating over 3 days! Happy Birthday my angel!


Oh guys, I can’t tell you how happy I am to have this almost done with. Don’t get me wrong I don’t regret studying a masters but working full time in industry alongside it was hard! (more on that later)..

BUT. great news. I passed my MF exam – which means I’m on track to getting a 2:1 as my final grade.. somebody pop the champers open!

What did you guys get up to over the bank holidays? Let me know

– xo

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