My 2020 vision – my plans for the New Year


How is it 2020 already? I can’t believe I’ve been on the planet for almost a whole 26 years!

When I look back on how my 2019 went, all that comes to mind is one word..


And I mean it.. truly.

I may not have ticked off everything on my list – like buying a house which seems to be constantly delayed – but I ended the decade with the most amazing person. I guess you could say my reflection of 2019 is a bit of a love letter to him. After all.. I wouldn’t have made it through without him.

2019 brought quite a few changes for me! moving house.. getting a boyfriend (and keeping him).. new job.. not to mention new places, so it’s no surprise I’m looking to a have a quieter year ahead and not stress so much…

…Lol who am I kidding.. of course I’ll stress but I’ll try my best not to.

“2020 IS MY F**K IT YEAR”

That being said I thought I’d share a handful of mini yay’s I want to achieve in 2020.. plus if I write it down they must come true.. right?


This one is kinda hilarious considering the goal posts keep changing but top of the list is the most riveting goals of all time.. actually being an adult and owning our own home.

We currently live with momma Gallacher and as nice as it is to have my two best mates in the same house (lol, yes I’m that sad) it can get a bit much. We’re just so looking forward to having our own space where if I want to use every piece of cutlery in the house without washing up I can!


I know I say this each year but I’m deadly serious this time round.. I promise. I’m a sucker for organisation, I write to-do lists to achieve a to-do list for goodness sakes! I’ve tried a new thing where I focus on the month and only the month. My cool new diary from a high-street stationary company (any guesses) allows me to put together an action plan and then at the end I can review my highlights & lowlights.


Although I’ve been in agency for only a year, I’ve learnt so much and it’s been a crazy ride. I’m loving what I do and I want to be able to say I moved up the ladder by 2020. Becoming an Account Manager is top on my priority list – I know I can do it.. and I’ve got to keep reminding myself I can.

What’s your vision for 2020? Comment and let me know!

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