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January 30, 2017

My favourite outfit of the week is dedicated to both Boohoo.com and Misguided.co.uk. I very rarely enjoy posts about fashion as I always assume they’re boosted by the company.


Januarys payday was solely dedicated to these two online stores. I needed a casual yet not too dressy outfit for my work colleagues birthday night out. I saw this skirt and instantly fell in love with it. The fit is perfect (Size 8) and covers my modesty well.

The body is comfy, normally I don’t like body’s because where it does up always feels weird for me – the only thing I’ll point out is that once you wear it it stretches a little. I’ve found I have to wear it just the one time then wash it again as it ends up moving down my chest.

As for these boots, oh damn I felt on fire! I’ve been looking for a pair of over-the-knee flats for a long time and when the opportunity came along to purchase these beauties (with next day deliver) I couldn’t refuse.

When drunk they are a little effort to take off however it is worth it as I got many compliments.

1. Faux Seude Mini Skirt – Misguided.co.uk £18

2.Over-the-knee-boots – Misguided.co.uk £40

3.Black V Neck Bodysuit – Boohoo.com £10

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