Katherine was a bright, energetic and efficient intern at Kaizo. She delivered good results on the tasks assigned to her and was a lively member of the team.

-Rosemary Brook, Kazio PR


At University Katherine and I worked on a number of projects together, of which we always received 1st Class results. She is highly intelligent with a fine eye for detail, a real pleasure to be on a team with.

Lauren Paull, Vodafone UK


I had the pleasure of working alongside Katherine at university. I was particularly impressed by Katherine’s ability to juggle many projects and manage a team. She was always able to lift team spirits and get people on board with ideas. Katherine’s personality and great skills would be an asset to any team.

Rhian Nisbeth, Which?


Katherine was an exceptional student who was ver committed to her studies. She is objective orientated and has a strong work ethic to ensure delivery of a very good quality that was reflected in her submissions. She showed integrity and commitment throughout her final year that I’m sure will stand her in very good stead in the future. I would be very happy to have Katherine in any team I managed, she works well with others; is very supportive team player and is is very confident in terms of creativity and innovation

Graeme Smith, Senior Lecturer – Southampton Solent University