Español Adventures

July 5, 2016

A couple weeks back I came home from the most amazing holiday I’ve had in around 4 years.  Accompanied by my amazing other half, Tom and his family I can confirm I’m suffering with the most horrible holiday blues.

Day 1: 
After a long 3 hour wait for our rental car, Tom, Kate, Tom and Kat [me] (I know how confusing) all set off to the villa to meet the rest of the family awaiting our arrival. It was beautiful! Our very own private pool, BBQ and only a short distance from a little secluded pebble beach, I couldn’t have been more excited.

Day 2:
It was a unanimous decision that we would explore a close by beach, about a 10 minute drive away. The beach was beautiful however the sea was freezing and all Tom wanted to do was go for a swim – let it be noted that I hate the sea and ignored him the entire day. After a few hours of sun (and sunburn) we all made our way to the hut and had a beer. When we finally got back to the villa, it was abundantly clear how much my skin had missed the sun – I looked like a patchy lobster. It was safe to assume that shade was my new best friend for the next couple days.

Day 4:
After giving my skin a rest from the Spanish heat, Tom, Kate, Tom and I decided to adventure out of the villa and explore a near by town. As we arrived, it was clear that the rules of the road weren’t exactly similar to that of the UK and it took us more than a while to find where to park. As we slowly walked along the coast front we stopped and had a bite to eat. We ordered some Spanish tapas to which I tried deep friend calamari for the first time in my life (I don’t like it).

Day 5:
Closer to the end of our holiday we visited another little beach which was in the opposite direction. It was a small sandy beach that thankfully had shade.
I won’t even discuss our last day as that turned out to be a disaster! I experienced my first holiday with a boyfriend and it couldn’t have gone better. Although we didn’t get to experience Barcelona City, we’ve already planned a mini break to do so.

I’ll update you guys when I go!

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